Welcome to Renew: A Body Mind Strategy

We will thoroughly test your relationship strengths and weakness during the assessment phase of couples work. This will require 3 appointments to complete before we jump into fixing things. You will purchase a formal test ($70 per couple) and we will go over these results during your third appointment. Once we have a clear idea of where you are struggling the most, we can go right to the heart of the conflict and start the healing journey.

90 minutes   $ 175 assessment / 150 follow up sessions (extra fee for relationship testing)

This service is intended for you if your partner is unwilling to attend therapy and you want to work on your part of the problem. You may even be single and want to figure out if you have anything to learn about how to be a great partner and attract a trustworthy person when dating. Problems with work relationships can benefit from learning some skills in communication and conflict management. 

60 minutes   $ 145 assessment / 120 follow up sessions

Coming soon in the Spring of 2019! Due to space limitations, I will accept 3-4 couples at a time. This is an excellent option if you want to learn some cool science based relationships skills but don’t have the time for weekly appointments. This is not for couples who are struggling with the trauma of an affair, substance abuse, or other betrayal concerns. I am considering a few different scheduling options for the seminar which may include 1-3 hours for a few weeks or all day/half day options. If you are interested in a seminar setting with a strictly educational format, please email me and let me know your interest and I will consider this as the program and developed. 

6-12 hours   $ TBD 

Coming Soon: Taking time off work every week can be a problem for many couples. Instead of seeking another therapist who may not have everything you want, I am please to announce the new service of marathon sessions! You can schedule from 8am-2pm for a jam packed day of learning from John Gottman’s 7 principles program. This service is a combination of workshop and therapy combined. It is recommended that you plan to attend 2 marathon sessions (does not need to be in the same week) to cover all the basic material. You may want to consider occasional maintenance visits by video or in the office to keep your connection on track. (Other session lengths may be available)

3-6 hours   $ See hourly fee

Renew your loving connection

“Trust is built in very small moments, which I call ‘sliding door’ moments. In any interaction, there is a possibility of connecting with your partner or turning away from your partner. One such moment is not important, but if you’re always choosing to turn away, then trust erodes in a relationship- very gradually, very slowly.” ― John Gottman

The Body Mind Experience

Where science and relaxation come together!

It’s used to help you learn how your body reacts to stress even when we feel like things are fine. We can test your body for your unique breath rate that your heart needs in order to achieve a state of balance. Other areas of focus can include muscle tension, sweating, and blood flow. If you find it heart to relax or calm down, let’s see what techniques your body needs and give you the tools to transform your stress into flow.

see individual rates above
Doterra oils diffused during your visit

It’s the little details that can make or break your experience. Aromatherapy during therapy can give you that added effect of lowering defenses so that you can create a loving and lasting connection.

Why cancel when you can connect with your phone or laptop?

Sometimes life gets in the way and breaking away from work or the family can be difficult. All clients have access to online sessions for those crazy weeks. You will need to attend a minimum of 1-3 face to face visits before online session will be helpful.

see rates for couples and individuals above
Avoid phone tag with convenient 24 hour access to the calendar.

Waiting for a call back can feel like you are waiting for water to boil! You can book your appointment on your time which comes with some pretty cool perks: appointment reminders by text, voice, or email; secure messaging, online payments