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Renew: A Body Mind Strategy

...can teach you tools to transform your life!
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When life gets stressful

...your strategy needs renewal
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Reduce anger

Kick anxiety to the curb

Reclaim your life

Welcome to your new start

Welcome to Renew! I am a counselor who works specifically with stress related problems or problems that relate to the fight and flight system of the body. My goal is to help you find a balance between work, life, and stressors that we all face daily. I am currently accepting new clients and look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you. Just click on the book now button to get registered, share your insurance details, and manage your appointments. All clients will register through the website, but please feel free to call or email if you would like more information on my practice. Insurance is accepted and I take most policies (ex. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Medicare, and many  more).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your registration process?

You may register as a new client by clicking the “book my appointment” button above. This link works for both new and existing clients. As a new client you will request your date and time and enter a credit card to reserve the appointment, this card will not be charged for appointments or fees if request another form of payment to be used. Many clients use insurance for session costs and use this card for copayments or other fees that we agree on. Once you receive an email that your appointment was accepted, you will receive a link to complete your forms which are required to be completed before you are seen in the office. Please give extra time when scheduling if you want to use your insurance so that benefits can be verified accurately.

What extra fees will I pay?

Your insurance, if applicable, will cover only face to face time with your counselor. If you plan to receive specialty services there are a couple of reasons you may purchase extra materials and testing. Couples counseling is required to purchase relationship testing services ($50 per couple) to accurately identify the health of your relationship. Anger management services will also require an extra fee so that your therapist can purchase the curriculum for you. If you wish to avoid any extra fees, you may request this during your appointment. Please keep in mind that avoiding these charges may impact the effectiveness of your sessions.

Your insurance will set the rate of your sessions and you will have to contact your insurance provider if you are concerned about copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance details before scheduling. Many companies are requiring deductibles to be paid before insurance will contribute to your session cost. The session fee may also fluctuate based on the time spent with the therapist. Some insurances will require 45 minute sessions which are less effective than full 60 minute sessions in most cases. If you have to pay a deductible and wish to keep this cost as low as possible, please let your counselor know your preference on session length.



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