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What is my financial Investment?

Are you a spender or saver? Making money decisions can really turn your day sour. We are sensitive to spending money on certain things but may not think twice about other areas. Some will spend large amounts of their budget on things that they feel will really matter. This might be getting your hair colored by that amazing colorist or ordering that car stereo upgrade that will make your favorite artist super crisp. You might not want to spend your hard earned cash on the movies but love to go to a local concert series. These factors will impact therapy too. You will find many places you can go that will be cheaper or covered by your insurance but you may not be so happy with the results.

If you want your therapy covered by your insurance plan, you may have options to pay Out Of Network using your policy. 

Relationship Evaluation with Testing

$ 220
  • Gottman Relationship Check Up (Included)
  • Identify your relationship health status
  • Evaluation of your conflict style
  • Identify your goals, strengths, path towards healing

Relationship Follow Up Sessions (90 minutes)

$ 150
  • Longer Appointments for Quicker Healing
  • Proof of success by tracking relationship sanctification over time
  • Learn to fight without feeling bad
  • Implement a compromise system

Individual Evaluation

$ 150
  • Evaluation of your coping style
  • Identify path towards your goals
  • Trace your coping history to it′s origin
  • Identify and improve relationship patterns

Individual follow up (60 min)

$ 120
  • Full 60 min sessions (45 min available by request)
  • Learn how to cope well no matter what
  • Video Sessions so you don′t have to leave work or home
  • Homework and workbooks can quicken the pace of therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Couples visits are priced higher to account for the extra training and education that has been involved in developing this program over many years. When you pay for time to see me, you are not paying for the hour but all the seminars, conferences, and years of experience from working with other clients.

The first step to get started with sessions is to click on any of the scheduling buttons, like the one below. We will discuss which services you need during this free phone consultation. In general, you will attend one evaluation and then all fees will be fixed at the individual or couple follow up rate. So the higher fees of evaluations will only occur when you are first starting.

You are right! The consultation is definitely free. Your credit card is entered using STRIPE but you are not charged until you attend a paid service. Your card is not stored in my health records system or this website. Instead, we follow the best practices of PCI standards by using the token system. Your card is held with this token system, not your card numbers.

I am out of network with all insurance except Medicare (medicare advantage not accepted). You can still use your insurance if you are willing to accept your out of network benefits. You may have to pay a higher amount for therapy such has deductible amounts and co-payments. You will be able to submit your own insurance through

Yes. You may request a 45 min visit (the standard insurance allowed length) that can reduce your rate from 120 to 95. This option is not listed in the pricing table since it can reduce the benefits you can get from therapy. I am in full support of anyone who wants to keep the budget as the highest priority. We can also reduce session frequency to work within your financial needs.