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Assessment Visit (individual therapy)

$120 (prices are not permanent and may increase each year) /50 minute hour

No insurance accepted after 2018, but you may use out of network benefits.

You will pay the full fee, but you may submit claims to your insurance after 2018 to be reimbursed by your insurance. Please call and leave a voicemail at 813-999-0955 to schedule your free screening call. We will briefly talk about your problem and discuss if this is the best fit for you.

Assessment Visit (couples therapy)

$150 (prices are not permanent and may increase each year) /90 minute hour

Please call for a screening before you schedule online

Your assessment session for couples therapy will include a structured interview using the Gottman couples method. We will discuss your love story, areas of conflict, and your goals for improving your relationship satisfaction. You must speak to Shawn Davis before you schedule to ensure that your relationship can be helped by the therapist's expertise.

Ongoing Therapy (2nd session or more)

$95 (prices will increase yearly) /60 minute hour

If using insurance, your fee will be set by your insurance policy. You must register before I can tell you anything about your policy.

This rate is recommended for most problems due to the increased likelihood that you will benefit from therapy sessions. We will end the appointment 5-10 minutes early so that I can prepare your documentation and complete administrative duties regarding your clinical records. New for 2018: We will be phasing out insurance over time. Please see insurance not above regarding this change.

Couples Therapy

$120 (prices will increase yearly) /90 minute hour

Price includes therapy with both partners

You may request a superbill so that you can bill your insurance company for reimbursement. Couples therapy uses the Gottman method and will require an additional $70 testing fee. Your first 3 sessions will be an assessment of your relationship during which time, no therapy will be conducted. We will diagnose your strengths and weaknesses to tailor your therapy for your specific needs.