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Break free from loneliness

Dating can be devastating to your dreams when the normal way to meet people is filled with less than ideal partners. You go to bars and only find a quick hook up or go to community events to find that it’s a really bad way to date. Even relationship counselors will tell you to do those kind of things. Is it you? Is it the world? Is dating and marriage outdated?

There is still hope that you can find the key to finding a quality partner in real life and online that can make you want to spring out of bed to check your inbox 📥.  The way you look, the trends of the world, and even the popularity of marriage are not the real concerns that can transform your dating experience.

  • Build your intimacy and friendship

    Learn how to effectively get to know a person when you date. You’ll learn what questions to ask and why they are the important things to increase intimacy, trust, and peace of mind. You will learn why this gets ignored so often and how it can cause your relationship to crumble. Best of all…you’ll feel confident that you really know this person.

  • The positive couple

    You’ll get insight on how to achieve a relationship that does not feel stressed all the time. The best relationships usually have a ratio of 5:1 of positive to negative interactions. This means that we can’t be super critical all the time and expect our partner will want to be around. We need to hear that things are working well some of the time. You don’t need a perfect relationship to last a lifetime, just one that is balanced enough to make you feel like it’s worth it to be together.

  • What to do when you are criticized

    One of the common relationship mistakes we make in love is ignoring each other during times of stress.  Paying attention to someone when they are irritating you or criticizing you is difficult for most people. So let’s learn the trick before you get into the conflict phase of relationships.

  • Compromise like a boss

    Don’t just give in all the time! I used to think that to compromise means that I have to stop asking for what I need. So I would withdraw and try to make my needs smaller…which always blows up eventually. True compromise means that both needs are addressed and a brand new solution is created by your joint effort. It’s a lot like a jig saw puzzle…figuring out how all the needs, feelings, and goals can be appreciated instead of let go.

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My partner

I know a few tricks from some amazing experts on what matters the most in very successful relationships. It’s all research based skills that are being used for couples, singles, organizations and businesses, and even the school system.  Plus, who better to learn from than someone who met their spouse on 😀

When I was dating online, I was skilled in my online profile due to my creative personality. A compelling tag line that drew people in was easy for me. But when it came to the search results it was tragic how dissatisfied I felt with dating. I gave up on dating online for a bit and tried in person dating in my community and it was really fucking hard.  So I love to help singles learn what to look for and who to avoid like the plague!

I love building online profiles that really help your inner personality shine. We can work together building your text, photos, and deciding which dating platforms fit your situation. You’ll understand how to identify your positive traits which may need some self esteem building.

No.  If you prefer to avoid paid sites, we will work on identifying your ideal way of meeting people.  This can include community settings, social media platforms, online groups, special interest festivals….the list could go on and on.