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my home office

My home office

We will thoroughly test your relationship strengths and weakness during the assessment phase of couples work. This will require 3 appointments to complete before we jump into fixing things. You will go through relationship testing and we will go over these results during your third appointment. Once we have a clear idea of where you are struggling the most, we can go right to the heart of the conflict and start the healing journey.

90 minutes   $ 220 assessment / 150 follow up sessions (includes relationship testing)

This service is intended for you if your partner is unwilling to attend therapy and you want to work on your part of the problem. You may even be single and want to figure out if you have anything to learn about how to be a great partner and attract a trustworthy person when dating. Problems with work relationships can benefit from learning some skills in communication and conflict management. During your free consultation, we can talk about my full expertise and how I can help.

60 minutes   $ 150 assessment / 120 follow up sessions

This is an excellent option if you want to learn some cool science based relationships skills and want to bring an expert to your church, social group, or other public venue. I will come to your location to teach skills in a group format for a reduced rate. This price of the group venue, will include testing using Prepare Enrich which will give every couple a PDF report of relationship problems and ways you shine for one another. 

6-12 hours

Currently Under Development: You know what I love about today’s tech? There is a course for anything you could want! When I get stuck with life problems or a skill I need, I want to learn it myself. This got me thinking…what if I’m not alone? Once I started talking about this to my friends and family, I realized many people want to learn how to keep love and relationships alive without the need for therapy. Check out the course site, currently under construction, at Renew The Love!

See course site for individual course pricing

Renew your loving connection

“Trust is built in very small moments, which I call ‘sliding door’ moments. In any interaction, there is a possibility of connecting with your partner or turning away from your partner. One such moment is not important, but if you’re always choosing to turn away, then trust erodes in a relationship- very gradually, very slowly.” ― John Gottman

Why choose me as your provider?

Getting your frustration and irritation to work for you

Anger is a normal human experience that can range from very mild 😕 to very extreme 👿 . When we get therapy for anger, it’s due to our reactions to this normal human experience. Anger Management therapy will be online and will require reading and completing exercises each week for 12 weeks. If we discover that your problem is more severe than an online program can offer, you may be referred to a physical office for treatment.  

Includes anger workbook and private online sessions
Don’t let distance stop your connection

Distance doesn’t have to stop you from working on your relationship. Even if you work in Tampa and your partner drives to Orlando, we can meet online to work on keeping you together for a lifetime. With our video conferencing software, you can each talk in front of a therapist from separate zip codes.  I will give you the first consultation free, so you can see if you feel comfortable with the online format. If you don’t like it, you can stop at any time.  

Log in from separate computers
I keep it real, with plan talk

Most people I talk to have tried out therapy and feel that it’s so cliche’. It’s so hard 😕 to reach out for help. The last thing we need, is someone who just nods their head without any real assistance with the problem.  You’ll find that I’m terrible with grammar, mix up words in my dyslexic brain, and I’m pretty stubborn about giving up. Despite my less than stellar spelling abilities, I make up for with compassion, experience, and a well placed @#&! when needed 😎 

Feel understood, not lectured
Save $25 off your marriage license

You can now save money off your marriage license and skip the 3 day waiting period when you complete a premarital preparation course. I will provide you a certification of completion for Hillsborough and Pasco Counties in Florida. Please see the Premarital Prevention Program for details. 

Skip the waiting period and save money