Shawn Davis, LCSW, CAMS-II

Marriage Therapist

Your online love coach

Hi….I’m Shawn…a relationships coach and therapist in Tampa.  I’m so glad you are the type to research a counselor before scheduling that first appointment. When I seek providers..you better believe I look up every review I can find to get some assurance that this person isn’t judgmental, under trained, or look at me as just a number in the door. If this sounds like you…you are in the right place!

So, I’m sure you want to know more about me and why I do this work. It basically boils down to seeing so many people, including my own family, who had such a hard time with holding relationships together. I wanted to understand why it seems to be impossible to keep a relationship from drifting apart or even delving into affairs. Since I’m the type of person who wants to seek out knowledge and understanding, I found myself drawn to strategies for healing that gave some sort of evidence for it’s helpfulness.

Every approach I use in my online work is based on research, but if that were enough there would be no need for a healer. As much as I love the feeling of knowing something works, I’m equally passionate about being a healer too. This requires me to see who you really are. You are not just your symptoms, fears, and worries. I work with couples and individuals to help educate you on how your body reacts to stress and how this can keep our relationships close or drive them apart.

  • Education

    Bachelor’s degree in social work in 2000

    Master’s degree in social work in 2003

  • Florida License

    First licensed by Florida in 2006

  • Certifications

    Anger Management

    Gottman Leader

  • Therapy styles

    Gottman Couples Therapy (level 3)

    Rational Living Therapy (level 2)