Shawn Davis, LCSW at your service

Online Therapist

silly & compassionate

Hi….I’m Shawn Davis…an online relationship therapist in Tampa who is a little sarcastic, identifies with the geek culture, and won’t give you those weird head nods that make you wonder “what are they really thinking?” Don’t worry….I will tell you exactly what I’m thinking and you will feel like a normal person talking to a friend. So don’t be surprised when I throw out the random  😆

I’m sooooo glad you are the type to research a counselor before scheduling that first appointment. When I seek better believe I look up every review I can find to get some assurance that this person isn’t judgmental, under trained, or look at me as just a number in the door. If this sounds like you…you are in the right place!

So, I’m sure you want to know more about me and why I do this work. It basically boils down to seeing so many people, including my own family, who had such a hard time with holding relationships together. I wanted to understand why it seems to be impossible to keep a relationship from drifting apart or even delving into affairs. Since I’m the type of person who wants to seek out knowledge and understanding, I found myself drawn to strategies for healing that gave some sort of evidence for it’s helpfulness.

Every approach I use in my online work is based on research, but if that were enough there would be no need for a healer. As much as I love the feeling of knowing something works, I’m equally passionate about being a healer too. This requires me to see who you really are, not just the face you show to your IG. You are not just your symptoms, fears, and worries.

I work with couples and individuals to educate you on how your body reacts to stress and how this directly impacts our relationships in dating, at work, or even at home.