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Telehealth: When your life can’t take a break


Telehealth is the newest way of improving your life without the hassle of leaving work, childcare, and the overwhelming feeling of making it to your appointment on time. I mean really…why does everyone seem to drive 10 miles under the speed limit when you have an appointment? Okay…maybe they don’t really do that because of our appointments…but it certainly does feel that way! So take the load off your plate and create a greater sense of ease that you so desperately need.

So what is telehealth?

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The biggest question I have had about using video, phone, or text for services is “but how can it be equally helpful as in person services?” I bet you might be wondering the same thing. In-fact, many therapists fully believe that technology ruins the relationship we can have online. I have to admit…I also felt this way. Mostly we believe this concept because we are afraid to lose that emotional connection that is so important in counseling.

I didn’t really start to accept this method of therapy until I tried it myself and looked a the research on the topic.  It can be helpful to remember times that you had a friend console you over the phone and felt the emotional connection. This is how online services can be helpful too. There are some problems that are best treated with face to face sessions such as substance abuse, suicidal ideas, severe emotional or behavioral problems. So what does the research say about telehealth? So far, we know that it’s been found to have the same or similar outcomes as a regular face to face session. See one research article here for details.