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Premarital Couples: Prevent the loss of love

As Prince Ea presents in the video below, it’s the little things that matter the most in great relationships.

It’s not about the sports teams, religious groups, or athletic prowess that makes relationships work. The couples who do not last, are the ones who do not pay attention. One of the best things that my husband does to pay attention to me is to jump in and take care of our son when I get a migraine suddenly. Not once have I ever heard him complain about me putting more work onto him. I will always love him for that.

  • What makes marriage work?

    You will learn how we know what makes marriage work and the difference between those who thrive and those who take a nose dive to divorce court. Explore how a dude in Seattle became world renowned for finding out the facts in a world of marital myths.

  • Learn the warning signs of relationship death

    Relationships are like a living beings that need rest, stimulation, and nourishment. But if you don’t know what the warning signs are, you might be wooed by something that will destroy your loving feelings. You will receive easy to follow instructions on what to do instead.

  • Build a foundation

    You’ll know the foundation to great love and how this gets built. Know what destroys these building blocks and how to help it heal.

  • Learn how to cherish your partner

    We will go over strategies for increasing a sense of respect by focusing on the right things that support emotional health.

  • How to respond to each other on your bad days

    We all have bad days and the Gottman institute teaches that the vast majority of the time, we are not on the same page together. You might wake up with a sinus headache one day and something these seems to be sweet and thoughtful can turn into a judgment of your partners character. So how do we manage differences?

  • Develop a conflict strategy plan

    You will create a conflict strategy plan that will help you know how to respond to different forms of conflict. Know how to solve things that need a solution and what to do with things that will never get solved.  Most problems in a marriage will not get solved, so you need to know how to do it so that you don’t find yourself resenting each other over the years.

  • Making dreams and values a priority

    Learn how to create a family legacy with rituals that connect you together even through the darkest of days.  You will learn how to balance different values and learn how these values create needs that we may not ever realized was important until we are at risk of it not getting met. Think about the 38 year old women who never realized that she wanted a child until this year or a young athlete who is faced with a career ending injury and has to look at his values through a different lens.

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You are preaching to the choir there!! With my own dyslexia, I have problems with reading too. I’ve designed my work around this issue with hopes that people just like you would have similar needs and feel more comfortable with not being judged. You will have screens that will be shared during video sessions that will have some easier to digest text and videos. I constantly edit my program material to speak to this need. If there is any reading that too much for you or your partner, we will come up with a plan that will serve you both best.

Couples will have options to complete the program at various lengths. The full length program includes 12 modules that can be done in as few as 2 days (6 hour days) or broken up into 12 weeks for 1 hour sessions. So we can put this together to work with your specific needs. This is an educational program, not therapy. Couples who need more focused work are advised to complete the full couples therapy program.

You will learn the full 7 principles for making marriage work along with any extra material that I throw in along the way. These will give you tools to structure your relationship against we know leads to divorce. There are no guarantees of success in marriage, but we can learn the usual pitfalls to protect something we worked so hard to obtain.

No. This program is informational and will not work through major problems like alcoholism, cheating, domestic violence, or severe mental illness. These factors tend to require more frequent visits for a much longer period of time and you may need face-to-face visits for a period of time until you could focus on some of these basics.

Yes. As you read this, I am working on preparing both couples and singles courses to help you renew your love strategies. The Renew the Love program site will host all upcoming workshops, seminars, facebook live links. Go ahead…check out the progress so far. It’s a bit of a mess compared this this site but it’ll be like watching a house getting built. So stay tuned!