Shawn Davis, LCSW

Welcome to my therapy site! I help both individuals and couples learn how to work through relationship and life distress. As a busy mom in Florida, I found that holding online with providers gave me so much of my life back from commuting. So I want to bring that to you so you can get back to living the Florida life.

Stress Management

Chronic Illness Competence

Grief and Trauma Informed

Longer session for difficult areas

So, Let's Answer Your Frequently Asked Fee & Insurance Questions

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What will we discuss in therapy?

At first we will work on getting to know each other. I may have some questions that will be sent to you ahead of time that you will submit in writing through the client portal. When we talk over video, we will review how life has been for you and your family. We will also discuss relationships, medications, and social stressors that can cause you to feel unwell.


How long will therapy take?

Therapy can be as brief as a few visits to as long as years depending on the severity of the problem area and how long it has been going on. Some people need targeted work on a specific area (public speaking skills, work conversational skills) which will require much less than someone receiving depression or trauma treatment. At times you may even decide that ongoing supportive "check-ins" are beneficial for you.  You'll get a better estimate after you complete your first 1-3 sessions.


Will you prescribe medication?

No, my license covers my work in therapy, but does not allow me to recommend or prescribe any type of medication. You will need a referral to a psychiatrist or MD for prescriptions. Your primary care physician might have some further ideas based on your specific health needs. Some mental health or stress symptoms are caused by physical health and your primary care physician may recommend certain lab work or tests before medication is prescribed. A combination of therapy and medication may have better results for some cases.


Why do people go to therapy?

To learn how to feel or move in a way that helps them in life. Therapy can help with a variety of problems ranging from emotional symptoms, marital or dating problems, dealing with habits or stress, and even learning how to speak in public among others. Some therapy is focused on talking out your feelings while others will focus on learning new coping skills. 


Will my insurance cover our sessions? How does that work?

No. I am not listed under your insurance, so you will not be able to use IN NETWORK benefits. I will provide you an invoice by request that you can use to bill your OUT OF NETWORK benefits. Please keep in mind that your copays and deductibles may change when you see an OUT OF NETWORK provider.


What if I cannot make it to a session? What is your cancellation policy?

I charge a $40 no show fee if you don't make it and don't communicate to me that you need to cancel. I will waive no show fees with medical problems or unavoidable crisis as long as we communicate with me about your changing needs. I have chronical health problems myself, so might find that I will need to cancel on occasion, but I will work to minimize that impact on you. If you cancel repeatedly, your case might be discharged until you can make space for your health needs.


Does what we talk about in therapy remain confidential?

Yes. There are a few reasons why something would not stay between us. If you tell an attorney about our work together, they could ask for me to release those records. I may also need to talk to medical and legal professionals on your behalf if you require emergency care. This could involve a hospital admission or referral to other providers who can provide the level of care you need. If you dispute a charge on your credit card, I can release information that proves you were treated for a valid service.


What if I don't want to talk about something?

That's okay to not want to talk about something. This just shows me that we are not at that place in therapy where you are ready to go there. If I ask you something that feels too much, you are invited to tell me how you need me to treat you.


What if therapy doesn't work for me?

You may be referred to a another provider who can offer you the care that you need or want. This is not a failure of therapy or a symbol of your problem severity. It's like when you go to a urologist and learn you need to see a cardiologist. It just means you need something different.


Do you have evening or weekend availability?

No evening or weekend availability.


What's the next step in getting started?

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Online therapy customized for you

(first visit fee $120 to cover treatment planning)





/60 min.

  • Free 30 min. consultation
  • Coping skill development
  • Anger management
  • Chronic Illness Support: Spoonie theory, deconstructing abelism, coping management
  • Divorce, break-up, and grief Recovery

Gottman based couples therapy with an attachment focus 

(first visit fee $220 to cover testing)





/90 min.

  • Free 30 min. consultation
  • First visit fee includes formal relationship testing fees
  • Deepening understanding and trust
  • Understanding betrayal and Conflict
  • Healing past hurts together