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Couples programs offered at Renew


Feeling unsure about your loving connection can make you feel like 💩. And when there is no time to get to a therapy office, what can you do to make it better? Even if you and your partner are apart, we can meet online to renew your loving strategies.

Prevention vs. Treatment: 💡 Which program do I need?

Premarital Prevention

Premarital, dating, or even married for many years.

NOT for troubled couples such as infidelity, domestic violence, or high conflict.

You will be given material to work on the basics, but it’s up to you to follow the steps on your own.

Do I need this program?

Couples looking to get on the same page before the problem starts will find a great fit at Renew. Get your relationship tested to find out what problems you are likely going to face in your marriage. You will get a PDF copy of your relationship needs and strengths along with coaching on what makes love last using The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. This educational program will give you the security to know that you are starting your partnership with a good foundation. Even if you live apart, you can participate with live video sessions from different computers.

Do I need this program?

When problems have already started, you need more than just some communication exercises to fix things. You can find marriage counselors on every corner, but some of these have not had specialized training in research supported techniques. That’s why  I invested in this program, to bring you something that works and can be done online. You will undergo a full relationship evaluation that will allow me to see your relationship parameters, kinda like a LOVE X-RAY. The testing in this program is a road-map for your therapist to help you get to your goals and will not be offered as a copy for you to review.  You can purchase the premarital prevention testing, which comes with a PDF copy, at an additional cost of $100. Just let me know you want to add this on when we consult.

Couples Therapy

Good for mild to moderate problems.

NOT for severe relationship trouble such as drug and alcohol trouble, affairs, and domestic violence.

You will get help on your specific needs rather than a general course.