Anxiety Bites

Anxiety Bites

Ready to Kick Anxiety to the Curb?

When you grow tired of talking about anxiety, it’s time to learn how to get better. Anxiety has causes and strategies for managing it. The biggest mistake we can make is to ignore it, distract with other things, and medicate ourselves which make us helpless to resolve the underlying problem.

Do you know why anxiety takes hold in the very moment you face something difficult? You may have been told that you have to take certain medications, go to church, be positive, or even forget all about it. Trying to push away anxiety will do the very thing you are trying to change, as with many emotions…it makes it worse. The first steps in understanding why you are experiencing anxiety is to understand the function of the fight and flight system in the body. Simply put, we feel anxious when we anticipate new challenges or stressors which can be either psychological (thoughts about a project) or physical (driving a car in a new town). We experience physical body reactions along with thoughts that can increase suffering. This is why it feels so hard to change, your body is reacting and it feels intense.

Anxiety can be treated by learning what specific techniques your body and mind respond to, which can be scientifically tested with biofeedback if there is doubt. Specific techniques will vary by person and there is no wrong way to learn how to cope as long as it is working in all areas of living. The things you may have tried before may actually work if we implement them in the context of a strategy.

At Renew, I have worked with hundreds of anxiety clients who have approached their stressors with a body-mind perspective and have found healing by retraining thinking and acting. You do not need to rely only on the good advice of others, which can put you in a more anxious state. Click the free consult button and see what happens when you choose to Renew Your Life! I look forward to joining you in your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

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