Online Counseling: Because Life is too short to feel stuck

Shawn Davis, LCSW at your service

Shawn Davis, LCSW at your service

Relationship Therapist

Hi, I'm Shawn and I'm so glad you found me! You may be looking for help and hoping you can find or keep your own love story. I am uniquely qualified to help you with this. Having interviewed hundreds of couples and singles over the years along with some specialized training in what makes love last, I want to give you the steps so that you can create the life and connections that make life worth living.

Falling in love can sometimes be so easy with the “feel good” chemicals in the body 😎 that gives us that “in love” sense. However, it’s hard to keep love alive when marriage becomes all business and no pleasure.  But we can avoid this trap by creating healthy habits before the a loveless marriage become a reality.

If feeling like you are stuck and this results in repeated problem behaviors, then it may be time to give Online Counseling a try.