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Signs you may need a couples check up:

  • Living like roommates instead of partners
  • Fights and arguments seem to happen over and over again
  • Imagine yourself single or choosing a different partner
  • Feeling criticized and defeated without hope that it will get better
  • Keeping silent to avoid an argument
love lasts

Ready to create your own love story?

Did you ever promise yourself 💡 that you would not repeat your parents mistakes? I remember making this promise to myself, but I didn’t know how to make the dream of a great marriage into my personal reality. These well intended promises do not create happy marriages, in fact we might actually repeat the mistakes by pure accident.  All relationships get into problems with anger and stress, so let me show you how to have a fight without feeling bad, how to listen and feel understood, and how to compromise without giving in all the time.  I promise….I use these same skills at home and my husband loves it!!

First, let’s grab your cup of coffee and get ready to ease your mind about your dream relationship…

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