Uniquely crafted online therapy for your busy life.

Hi, I'm Shawn, a licensed therapist providing coping and relationship tools in the state of Florida. You'll find help through emotional or relationship situations and learn more tools to thrive.  I believe in providing tools to cope, not just a listening ear.

why work with shawn?

Psychobabble free help, no awkward nods or stares...just real help.

20 years experience

I first helped those fleeing abusive relationships back in 2000 in Tennessee and later moved on to helping couples as a licensed professional in Florida. 

Plain Language

When we work together, I will help you understand your own psychology and relational map without feeling like you attended a college lecture.

Confidence Enhancement

Enhance confidence in your relationship and coping life by learning to use your inner wisdom to guide you through decisions and stress.

Hi, I'm Shawn Davis

I provide Online
Counseling in Florida to Individuals and Couples

If you are struggling with feeling stressed and tired, I understand how difficult that can be. It can be quite overwhelming to feel burdened with so many demands that you secretly dream of a way out. You might even feel that everyone else seems to be fine, so why can't you too? It's hard to struggle with life and love when others seem to do it so easily.

You may feel that you should be able to deal with these problems all on your own. It's a mistake to act on this natural instinct, especially when doing nothing can make it worse.

 I predict that you will find your personal best strategies. It's through our pain that we unlock our tools for success and this is often hard to do alone.


Solutions are useless without you and your unique story.

As challenging as your origin story feels sometimes, it also is something you may grow to feel grateful for experiencing. I found passion and drive through my own story of grief, heartbreak, and recovery from violence. 

As your therapist, I will be there to walk you through actionable steps, help you practice skills so you can confidently do them on your own, and teach you how to break through any fears of change or other motivational barriers.

One more thing before you go...

As a teenager in a military family, I saw many situations of betrayal and controlling actions that made me insecure with relationships. Since I had an imperfect family, I totally get why it's so hard to avoid repeating our caregiver's mistakes. This along with my 20 year career allows me the unique ability to understand what holds you back from a life you can truly thrive in. Plus I like to joke around like a real person, so you won't find me boring!