Distance Counseling

Therapy without leaving your office or home

Wait….before we meet online:

You will not be able to immediately meet the therapist unless you are a registered client AND have an appointment. Please click on the book my appointment button to the left of the screen to start using distance based services. Once you receive an email (check your spam folder and junk mail) confirming that your appointment request was approved, you will receive an email from me with instructions on completing your therapy paperwork. On your questionnaire, please include your request for internet-based sessions. I will call you once I have this paperwork and we will discuss if distance services is right for your situation. Most clients will be required to attend one face to face session before distance services are approved.
  • First, click the black "book my appointment" button to the left, above Shawn's picture
  • Secondly, make sure your therapist has confirmed your appointment request (it might be in your spam folder, please allow 24 business hours to process the request)
  • Thirdly, email your therapist at shawn.davis@renewbodymind.com to request your session to be conducted online
  • Finally, use the "enter waiting room" button below during the appointment time you were given (your therapist will join you at the start of your therapy hour)
  • Problems with sound or video? Just restart your computer or phone and reenter the waiting room.

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