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Love is hard when you are not on the same page.

How do I know when therapy is needed?

  • When you find yourself having the same fights over and over again like you are stuck on a loop.
  • You start to feel negative about your relationship, marriage, or wonder why you married this person.
  • You or your partner keep score of who does what in your home. This score keeping is a form of healthy competition between partners.
  • You do not go to one another for support but may choose a friend or family member to be open with.
  • Conversations are brought up harshly with name calling or other verbal attacks that diminish your partners feelings or needs.
  • When you are doing okay but want to learn more about deepening your friendship, intimacy and sex life, or just want to learn about what makes love stand the test of time.


What happens after I request an appointment?

  1. Click the link to request your free consult button, enter your credit card information (nothing will be charged), and select a date and time for phone consultations.
  2. Complete your form through the online portal which will help guide our phone conversation with any questions about therapy, your relationship, or your financial investment.
  3. We will meet over the phone during your phone time slot. Both partners will need to be available for a phone call (this can be together or separate phone calls to allow you each privacy.
  4. When both feel comfortable with proceeding with therapy, we will set a time to meet in person for 90 minutes to discuss your relationship history and problems that have been occurring. You will get more information about the follow up sessions at your first in person session. Distance sessions also available for some couples after your first in person visit. 
New 2019: Insurance no longer accepted to allow room to create your rockin' relationship!Click for pricing.